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Thank you for being here, my welcome guests on this website.
This site was born in 2000 because I wanted to share my experience with all lovers of holy cards, of those sacred little images that have accompanied and still accompany the Christian devotion (Catholic and not) popular and, why not?! These cards are objects of a specific area of collecting. Over the years, however, I wanted to enrich this site, adding new pages, from time to time, with the hope that more persons could find a source of reflection and of reference. This virtual place will be more than a source of insights and news, a sort of "lounge" where people can stop for a moment and rejuvenate the eyes and spirit through the vision of stunning images, evocative few notes, a few words of effect. Rather than written pages, you will find many galleries of images. The written word is also important, it is part of the communication, but the images are the things that evoke thoughts, emotions and memories. Here you'll find many. Now here is a new graphic shape, I hope you like it. You can have access to a lot of interesting resources : part of my interest that I would like to share with the greater number of peoples, all over the world. Holy cards, holy small images, angels, catholic religion, music, prayers, collecting things, little market and more. Have fun discovering them! And one only recommendation: don't steal any posted pictures... just ask me for permission. Maybe some pages will be slow to load. It is because the graphics are a bit "heavy". But, well, be patient, because I'm sure you won't be disappointed.


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